Gold Crowns

Gold Crowns

High Noble Metal, Gold Dental Restorations in Glendora

With the surge of interest in cosmetic dental procedures over the past several years, patients tend to seek out and be most interested in prosthetics that are metal-free and match the exact shade of organic teeth. However, gold restorations, such as fillings and crowns, still have a following among patients and are preferred for their unmatched strength and longevity.

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Why Do We Provide Gold Caps?

Trends in dentistry come and go, but old standards don’t necessarily have to remain by the wayside, especially if they are proven and durable dental treatments. While completely tooth-colored materials like porcelain, ceramic, e.max®, and zirconia offer varying levels of strength, they aren’t the same as metal. Patients understand this and are fine with swapping some level of strength for aesthetic, as gray or silver colored teeth are unattractive.

But gold dental work stands on its own. It’s certainly not tooth-colored, so there’s no mistaking it for a real tooth, but it’s not dull or gray as metal amalgam. Gold possesses its own unique aesthetic, which many patients find to be appealing.  Gold crowns are also preferred by dentists who understand how much use they provide. 

The Benefits of Gold Dental Restorations

Decades of Service – In comparison to metal restorations or all-porcelain and ceramic crowns, gold caps will last for many years, up to 50 on average with proper care – even if you grind your teeth. Gold is also highly resistant to fracture. Most other restorations can be expected to last 10-20 years, depending on the materials and patients’ overall health.   

Conservative Dentistry  - Gold is extraordinarily gentle on surrounding teeth and underlying structure of treated teeth.  This high noble metal will not wear down or damage nearby healthy teeth and will provide much-needed strength to a weakened tooth. Overall, gold crowns minimize the risk for additional damage to the treated tooth structure when precisely placed.

Options for Aesthetics – While many who choose gold crowns aren’t particularly concerned with having a white tooth, a porcelain layer can still be applied to the visible part of the tooth to make your restoration blend in with the rest of your smile. 

Interested in Gold Dental Crowns? Contact our Glendora Dental Office

When a patient requires restorative care and the prosthetics, it is our goal to provide them with treatment that matches their expectations for lasting results. We recommended gold crowns for patients with large fillings on back teeth and those who grind their teeth, for whom a tooth-colored crown may not provide the durability the need.

To learn more about gold dental crowns, contact our office today for your appointment. 


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